While many people associate cannabis with “getting high,” there are so many medicinal benefits scientists don’t quite know where to start researching! Let WeedBuzz tours educate you so you can make informed decisions about your fresh, beautiful new cannabis! From insomnia, to anxiety to depression, cannabis has many medicinal benefits! There are many instances where people inadvertently smoke Cannabis and get relief from ailments they’ve had for years…and can finally get off those nasty pharmaceutical drugs! (We’re not doctors, we’re not telling anyone to stop ANYTHING without consulting a doctor.)

Come on an amazing trip with us to visit the wonderful culture of Venice Beach, SoCal in general and the amazing cannabis culture that has sprouted as a result! Join us as prohibition ends and the dawn of legalization begins!


For thousands of years, people have been using Cannabis to treat various types of ailments. Some people believe that Cannabis and certain mind altering mind altering substances open your mind in ways that can help mental illness and connect individuals to the universe in a way that are meaningful and profound. Yoga and cannabis can be yield tremendous physical and spiritual benefits when combined properly. Now, as Cannabis is becoming legal across the world, we are finally seeing significant investment by private industry into the benefits of cannabis and we’re excited for this new time!

Our goal is to spread the knowledge of cannabis, helping newcomers and seasoned veterans become more familiar with the benefits, healing powers, and wonderful weed that California offers.


Healthy cannabis use is a focus of our tours. Helping users become familiar with the wide variety and applications of different strains, uses, and methods of consumption that can lead you down a road of healthy use. Education, sights and fun adventures are always a focus of our tours! The large variety of weed strains in the Los Angeles area will help you find and try the specific type of herbals to assist your specific troubles. Those who are trying to use cannabis for anti-inflammatory healing purposes, those who are using it to treat anxiety, and those who just want to take a break and relax will all feel welcome and satisfied on any Weed tour in Los Angeles!

WeedBuzz Tours provides a cannabis-centric tour that helps you learn about the healing benefits and variety of cannabis out there while providing a safe place to try out your new cannabis!


EDIBLES: The world of edibles, showing you how to understand the process behind making and consuming them effectively. You’ll also learn about the various different types of edibles that exist, including gummies, cookies, and even cannabis-infused meals and drinks. When taking edibles, be careful and proceed with caution! There is typically a wonderful body euphoria associated with eating Cannabis infused products. They are also very effective at relieving pain and addressing chronic ailments.

CANNABIS and MODERATION: One thing we don’t intend this tour to be is a contest of who can get the most glued to the floor. If you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast, please have at it. We encourage responsible use for all, but emphasize it for those that don’t smoke regularly or may have in the past and don’t anymore. This stuff is STRONG. It ain’t your mom’s grass. This is industrial scale, masterfully grown, genetically superior cannabis. 2 hits can do it for many, so DON’T BE THAT GUY!

The Dark Side

As with any mind altering substance, the risk for abuse is real. PLEASE be conscious of your cannabis use. If you think you might have a problem, you very well may. PLEASE seek out help from a professional to help you through trying times. While Cannabis can be a very healthy thing, it can also be abused and used as an escape, among other things. Here’s to using cannabis with intention, love, respect and care!

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